P e n t a  F e s t  
is Luzius Schulers second Solo Album. Released with friends from Red Brick Chapel

available on vinyl click here



Fotos by Ralph Kuehne

M o o n  i s  t h e  ol d e s t  T V, the solo debut full-length from piano player / composer Luzius Schuler, is a record that harnesses the standard ingredients for neo-classical – electronic soundscapes and piano – to create a singular hybrid out of aesthetics a century apart. Think of it as a collision of contemporary impressionism – sound paintings utilising sound synthesis, noise, granular synthesis and field recordings – with its turn of the 20th century analog. If this music was an actual painting, it would be a canvas where a modern composition was meticulously applied over a vintage work with varying levels of opacity. But ultimately, this is a very poetic document of six months spent soaking up the city of Paris and writing music.

The album is released on Ronin Ryhthm Records and is available on vinyl and CD. Write a email here and get a copy